How to make money with your phone.

How to make money with your phone.

You use a cell phone right?

But are you getting paid to use it?

(And yes, I mean YOUR iPhone/Android phone.)

Your  data is being sold every day but you don’t earn a dime off of it.
Big tech companies are the only ones profiting off of your data and
it’s a 25 billion dollar industry.
Every free app on your phone sells your data, even if you
change your “privacy” settings your data is still being sold

That changes now!

Download a free app and get paid to have it running in the background anonymously
and then… get paid for sharing it!


Get paid up to $25/month using the free app without any referrals
plus you will earn $1/month for each person you share it with who installs and runs the app!

If you choose to become an Affiliate you will earn $1/month for each free referral down 2 levels!

Become a Super Affiliate (achieved by referring 10 Affiliates) and you
earn an extra 50% matching bonus on all the Affiliates below you down
2 Levels.! Plus, you get an equal share of “Orphans”, that is users that
have just downloaded the app straight from the app store and don’t
have a referrer.  You will earn money when these users download and
run the app on their phones!

All income is generated by users running the app.

Download, run the app, share and earn…simple as that

How is how to make money with your phone and is
the easiest thing you’ll ever do to earn incredible income!

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